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We appreciate your interest in solar with Solar Edge. We are honored to serve residents in California by helping friends and neighbors save money on their electric bill, and we look forward to lowering yours as well. Fill out the form below with simple information and our solar team will reach out to you with details on the cost of solar and the size of the solar system needed for your home or business.


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What You Can Expect

1. Submit Your Information

Once you submit your information a Solar Edge Consultant will get in touch with you.

2. Review Your Solar Needs

Our solar consultants will review your home or business. The information we receive about how you use your energy in addition to available space for solar panels will be discussed in order to give you a customized solar proposal.

3. Solar Incentives & Rebates

If you live in California our solar experts will go over any and all local solar incentives and rebates you can take advantage of in your area.

4. Installation Process

Our certified and knowledgeable solar installers will make their way to your home or business to get started on the solar installation process.